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Cornering101 and Cornering201 Doubleheader! - July 5th/6th

Cornering101 and Cornering201 Doubleheader! - July 5th/6th


Are you ready for the best two days on a motorcycle you've ever had?

Day 1 starts you off with our Cornering101 course where you will build a strong foundation of cornering skills! You'll learn to assess your speed and carve a beautifully consistent arc through the corner. You'll learn how to set your lean angle and lock it in while staying cool, calm, and collected. The last drill of the day will have you steering the bike with more confidence and control than you ever imagined possible. 



You'll meet some great people on your Cornering101 course, and while you might have to say so long at the end of the day, you'll be thrilled to know that you get to come back tomorrow and do it all again. 

In Cornering201 you'll warm up with a fresh take on one of the foundational drills from 101. We feel this drill is so crucial that we use it as the icebreaker for 201.

We then progress to some more advanced drills. You'll work on a braking technique that you may have heard of but may not understand. There is a good chance you have even done it albeit not intentionally.  After lunch, we help you gain some ground clearance with two fantastic body position techniques that apply to any motorcycle.

There is limited space in this group, so please don't hesitate and miss out. 


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