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Cornering201 - July 6th, 2024

Cornering201 - July 6th, 2024


Welcome Back!

This course is about fine tuning. In Cornering101 we helped you build a strong foundation of cornering skills in a way that street based courses cannot. 

In Cornering201 we start out with one of the foundational drills from 101. We feel this drill is so crucial that we use it as the icebreaker for 201.

Not only does it give you a familiar drill to warm up with, but our return to it also shows our guild members how far their craft has improved and their familiarity with it will uncover some previously unseen nuances in the technique.

We then progress to some more advanced drills. We help you discover how to improve traction on corner exits, and how and when to adjust your body position on the bike so it does not wiggle.

After lunch, we work on a braking technique that you may have heard of but may not understand. There is a good chance you have even done it albeit not intentionally. We finish off the day by learning how to deal with changes in our lines.

We're happy to have you back, and we look forward to working with you again!

Note - If you haven't taken a course with us, please book the Cornering101 course. All riders start at 101 regardless of their existing skill level. It's not you, it's us.

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