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LIRC Members Only Cornering101 - July 5th 2024

LIRC Members Only Cornering101 - July 5th 2024


The LIRC has been a big part of TractionWerks since the beginning. The camaraderie we have built and the desire to give back to the community is a cornerstone of both groups.

We want to give back by reserving one of our Cornering101 sessions for LIRC members. Come and share the circuit and the classroom with your fellow LIRC members. 

Sign up now to lock in your spot!

With the help of our coaches, you'll spend the day riding on a closed-circuit and building a strong foundation of cornering skills. It doesn't matter if you've only been riding for a short while on a decked-out cruiser, you're an experienced rider on a big adventure bike, or you and your sportbike are somewhere in between. The coaches at TractionWerks will help you get the most out of the exercises and improve your cornering skill and confidence.

We will work on visual skills, stabilizing the bike in a corner, how to stay calm and loose, and how to flick the bike into a turn accurately and precisely. 

See our Terms and Conditions page and Safety page for details. Let us know if you have any questions about the course, or if you need help with finding gear.

See you in April!

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