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Moto Guild


Our name means something.

TractionWerks Moto Guild is intended to convey a never-ending quest for improvement. This is not your conventional motorcycle school; we emulate the guilds of old.

Novices apprentice under the guidance of the guild masters. They learn strong fundamentals, gain knowledge and experience on their journey to mastering their craft. This is not a one-way street. The masters are always learning from the students. Feedback from new members is essential in refining our program.


At TractionWerks Moto Guild, this is our inspiration. We are a community of riders sharing knowledge, skills, and experience. We help our members hone their techniques with targeted drills, dedicated practice, and immediate feedback.

We build better motorcyclists!

Our Team

Your improvement is our motivation.

We would like to offer you the knowledge gained from decades of street and track riding experience.

Our highly skilled coaches have combined to train hundreds of motorcyclists from novice to advanced, turn scores of laps on a variety of tracks, and win multiple Supermoto championships.

Their balanced quiver of skills has been distilled down to emphasize the key components needed to help you maximize your traction and master the next curve in the road.


How we train

Giving you knowledge and skills.

The goals of our classroom and on-track training are simple. We’re going to help you become a more capable, more competent rider, regardless of your experience or style of motorcycle.

Your day with us will include five classroom training sessions, five on-track practice sessions, and five immediate feedback evaluations!

Our high coach-to-rider ratio gives you the attention and feedback you need to maximize your progression.

The safest place to learn

A twisty, one-way, country road reserved for bikes.

TractionWerks Moto Guild training takes place on one of Canada’s finest motorsports facilities, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. There are no minivans with distracted parents, no cars with texting teens, no gravel on corners, no wild animals.

Total course control means you can practice and apply the classroom lessons in a way you never could on public roads.

Unlike lessons at a track day where you're trying to learn while others are riding near their limits, our motorcycle cornering school has all of the riders working on the same skills at a pace that allows you to focus on precision.