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New rider learning advanced riding skills at Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit.


Minimum Requirements

Our first priority is safety. The track is a very safe place to work on your cornering skills, but we still have to prepare for the worst.

Riding on the street is fraught with dangers if we happen to part ways with our mount. Curbs, trees, lamp posts, ditches, and other vehicles can all limit the distance of your slide. The absence of these obstacles on the track means that many incidents simply result in a slide for the rider and bike.

In order to help you stay as safe as possible, we've detailed the minimum gear requirements for the course. We hope that we've covered everything for you, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Minimum Requirements

Full face or Modular

FMVSS 218, ECE 22.05, Snell 2015 or better. Must fit well, no movement, no physical damage.


Minimum Requirements

Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Must cover the wrist and be securely fastened

No rips or failing seams

Happy female motorcycle rider learning taking an experienced rider course.
Mature female motorcyclist training on Vancouver Island


Minimum Requirements

The absolute minimum is a two-piece textile suit that must zip together at the waist.

Two-piece leathers are even better. They must zip together at the waist.


A one-piece leather suit is the best, but we know not everyone has one.

If you are wearing textiles you shoould wear a non-synthetic layer underneath. In the event of a long slide textile suits can melt from the friction. A cotton layer will help to prevent the suit from melting to your skin in these situations.

Kevlar Leggings, Kevlar Jeans, and similar are not suitable. If in doubt, please ask. We're happy to help.


Minimum Requirements

Motorcycle boots with ankle protection

back protector

Back protector highly recommended.

CE Level 2

Motorcycle rider taking experienced rider course on Cowichan track.
Novice motorcycle rider preparing for advanced cornering training at VIMC.

your bike

Minimum Requirements

Even though this is a closed circuit cornering course we understand that many guild members will be using their street bike. In general, we try to keep the prep to a minimum so you can ride your bike to and from the track. 


If you do bring a street bike, please remove your license plate when you get there.


Why do we do it?

In the time of glass lenses, riders would cover them in tape to stop shards of glass in the event of a mishap. Our reasons are a bit different; we do it to minimize distractions.

Bright headlights can catch your eye and pull your focus away from what you should be focusing on. Inadvertently triggered brake lights or signals can confuse trailing riders. 

...and then there are the mirrors. When riding on the track your focus is on what is going on in front of you. A poorly timed mirror check can easily result in some impromptu off-roading. In order to remove the temptation, we ask that you either tape or remove your mirrors. You may feel uneasy at first, but we'll make sure you know the best practices needed to stay safe and be predictable to the riders behind you. 


Minimum Requirements

Your bike must be free of leaks. Ensure that your drain plug is correctly torqued. A problem has never fixed itself while riding on a track. 

If you have any work done on your bike ahead of time, test it out before getting to the track.


Minimum Requirements

Very good condition with at least 60% tread left.

No plugs or repairs. This isn't a street ride. You will spend much more time on the sides of the tire, and that cornering will generate much more heat than on a street ride.


Tire pressures should be set before riding when the tires are cold. If you want to adjust your pressures for the track, please speak to one of our staff if you want some help. 

Motorcycle tire at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
Track day rider learning advanced riding technique on a race track..


Minimum Requirements

Chain must be clean, lubricated, in good condition, and properly adjusted.

Sprockets must be in good condition.


Minimum Requirements

Fluid less than 2 years old. Good firm lever and pedal pressure. No leaks. Pads should have more than 50% life left.


Minimum Requirements

Smooth travel and free of leaks.


Minimum Requirements

Full range of motion from left to right. Steering head bearing well adjusted with no notches or excessive free play. No interference from cables or hoses.

Motorcycle rider at advanced motorcycle school on Vancouver Island.
Jet engine noise limits at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit Tractionwerks School.


Minimum Requirements

Must snap closed from fully open with the steering turned to lock on both sides. 


Minimum Requirements

Cannot exceed 95dB while on track.

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