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Ducati rider at motorcycle cornering school on Vancouver Island.

rain or shine

Wet pavement makes you smooth.

Our courses run rain or shine. The surface at VIMC offers great traction and a wet surface exemplifies the need to be smooth in order to maximize grip. Please check the forecast and dress accordingly.  


The fastest way to end your day

A day on your motorcycle is always more fun if you and your bike are still healthy at the end of the day.  Remember, this is a day for developing your skills, not for setting lap records.  While we understand mistakes happen, our courses are intended to be ridden well within your comfort zone while focusing on the current exercise.

A crash is considered to be the end of your day. If you feel that you would like to continue, TractionWerks staff will discuss the incident with you, assess you and your motorcycle, and evaluate if you can safely ride your remaining sessions.  Ultimately, your safety will always be our gauge. 

track safety

We're not a bunch of hooligans!  Officially.

Please refer to the Safety page for information on gear suitable for your TractionWerks training course.

Safety will always be the highest priority at any TractionWerks Moto Guild training day.  The goal of the TractionWerks offerings is to make you a better motorcyclist.  Lessons and coaching are intended to increase your ability to approach all riding situations with improved skills and heightened confidence.  You will learn to implement techniques the will benefit you each and every time you throw your leg over a motorcycle, regardless of what you ride or where.

If your riding is deemed unsafe by the TractionWerks staff, you will be removed from the track and not allowed to return.  You will not be eligible for a refund on your fees.


Passing is the responsibility of the rider  passing.

If you want to pass, you must pass for the other rider's comfort.  You should only pass when the rider you're overtaking is parallel or moving away from you, never in corners.  If your pass causes the other rider to change their trajectory, you're at fault, and you've screwed up.  The training courses are not about lap times!  It just doesn't matter.  If you're at all uncertain about the safety of a pass, it's not safe.  VIMC has safe places where you can slow and allow a slower rider to increase their gap and give you an open track.

As a rider, you need to be aware there may be riders who are comfortable at a quicker pace, and they may want to pass you.  Your responsibility is being predictable and consistent.  You may not know when you're about to be passed, so by maintaining your position, a rider behind you can prepare for a safe pass.

Motorcycle instruction on a KTM teaching advanced motorcycle training.
Mature motorcycle rider learning cornering skills at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

double headers

You have to be ready to go for both days.

Standard cancellation policies apply regardless of the reason.  


TractionWerks does not provide insurance for you.

You are responsible for your own medical insurance etc.
This is a closed-circuit, off-highway, cornering course. It is not a race, nor a timed event. Your motorcycle may be covered by your existing policy, but it's your responsibility to consult your insurance broker for more information.


This isn't knitting.  Motorcycles sometimes fall down and sometimes the rider is on them.

A signed waiver will be required before proceeding to training.  Please read them carefully for your own understanding and ask questions for anything you need to have clarified.

Oversights and omissions

In case we forgot something

We want you as part of the Guild, but if your actions endanger other members, or if you arrive with a motorcycle or gear that's not up to safety standards, you will not be allowed to continue and all monies will be forfeit. 


Life happens

Up to 14 days before the event you may request to have your session changed to another available TractionWerks course being offered within the next 365 days. 

If that doesn't work, you can also transfer it to another suitably qualified, TractionWerks approved rider. There are no refunds nor open-ended credits. 

Between 14 days and 1 day prior to the event, you may transfer your spot to another suitably qualified, TractionWerks approved rider.

Transfers within 72 hours of the event will incur a $100 admin charge.

Classic Ducati motorcycle rider cornering on race track on Vancouver Island.
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