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experienced motorcycle riders taking advanced rider training.

how do our courses werk?

Want to know more about the guild? Unsure about which courses to book?

Grab a coffee and take a few minutes to read our philosophy page.

Check out the safety page to see the minimum gear and bike requirements.


Click the links below to get information on the specific courses

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What's better than a day of cornering school?

Two days of cornering school!

You can book back to back days with us, or space it out by a couple of months. 

The best part about doing back to back days is that you postpone the sadness of the day being over. You'll come back to the pits after your last session, grinning from ear to ear from all the fun you had, and you'll have a whole other day to look forward to. 

How much would your coach love to work with you again the next day?

This much! 

advancer rider training instructor on Vancouver Island.
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