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Unlocking Our Full Potential at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC)!

The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

We are incredibly fortunate to have such a world-class facility available for our ongoing motorcycle training and skills building. It is a modern facility with all the amenities including classrooms, change rooms, washrooms, and showers. Opened in 2016, the circuit is 2.3 km long and features 19 turns and elevation changes of up to 11.5%. That's a lot of corners in a relatively short distance which means most of the riding is technical. It is a new circuit and is superbly swept, maintained, and controlled.

Without this unique space, there would be no TractionWerks, no cornering training and no place for enthusiasts to safely and responsibly elevate their game. The closed-circuit nature of the facility provides a safe and controlled environment for riders to practice and refine their skills. This is especially crucial for training sessions focused on cornering techniques, where precise control and maneuvers are essential. Having a dedicated space for cornering training allows riders to focus specifically on this critical skill without the distractions and uncertainties of public roads. The controlled environment enhances the effectiveness of training programs.

For riders on Vancouver Island and the surrounding areas, having access to a world-class circuit eliminates the need to travel long distances for training. This accessibility encourages more riders to invest in ongoing skill development. Of the hundreds of riders we have trained, we would guess that less than 10% of them would have travelled off-island to the United States or the interior of British Columbia to other such facilities.

By offering a dedicated space for skill development, the circuit contributes to the promotion of responsible riding. Riders can explore the limits of their motorcycles and abilities in a controlled setting, reducing the likelihood of risky behaviour on public roads.

In summary, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit provides an invaluable resource for riders by offering a safe, advanced, and dedicated space for ongoing motorcycle safety training and skills development. The benefits extend to the local community, the region's reputation in the motorcycle community, and the overall promotion of responsible and skilled riding. Such facilities contribute significantly to the ongoing education and improvement of motorcyclists. We're lucky to have it!

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