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Coach Dave Reports from the Isle of Man TT!!

I know I'm preaching to the converted, but I just tried to put a few thoughts into words about a recent experience. Thank you for reading.

After my last ride over the mountain on the Isle of Man TT course, I was asked by my friend, "oh my god, Dave, how can you ride so smoothly?" I had really enjoyed the ride that evening and really got into the flow. My safety margins at speed still felt huge and I was able to comfortably carry more corner speed than many other riders on way more 'capable' machines than the 25 year old bike that I had borrowed for the occasion. Smooth, safe, swift cornering meant that I had left my group behind and arrived at our predetermined meet up point ahead of my travel companions, and in a very relaxed state. I firmly believe that my time on the TractionWerks Moto Guild courses was the main reason for the fantastic amount of fun I had that day. So proud to be part of the team. If you want to have more fun, get smooth, feel safe, move swiftly. Dave.

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