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Ever Wondered Why We Do It?

On the flip side… Have you ever wondered what is going through your coach’s head?

Often at the beginning of the day there is a nervous energy floating around. When you are lining up to get on the track there are some wide eyes and some big smiles.

As a coach

we have a unique vantage point; we witness initial hesitations and uncertainties that transform into confidence and determination. As a coach, there is an unparalleled excitement that arises when observing students progress. Watching someone tentatively approach a corner in one session, and then nail it in a later session is one of the best parts of being part of the TractionWerks team. I will often ask myself as I’m following a student, “who is that?? Where did they come from?!”

This feeling is only reinforced when students come bounding up to us for their feedback sessions with a smile that can’t be contained in a helmet, so excited to tell us about their session and that corner they finally got. “It clicked, I finally got that corner!”…and yes, you definitely did!

What students may not see is the shared excitement of the instructors behind the scenes. In our April courses, I remember Jamie checking in between a session and asking how someone was doing. “You’re not going to believe this”, I said. “I don’t even recognize this person, where did they come from?? They’re a completely new rider out there!” My smile was as big as yours, my friend.

Getting to see that moment when it clicks is one of my favourite parts of the day.

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